What we do

Welcome to the Brighten Education Mauritius and UK, a place of deep traditions focused on stepping forward to create brighter future. We invite you to explore the diverse and vibrant community that makes us the home of Leaders & Best.

Brighten Education Centre Ltd is a Private Limited Company incorporated both in the Republic of Mauritius and UK with Business Registration Number C17148156 (Mauritius) and UK company number (13137633), its main activity is to operate as a Training Institution. The Headquarter in Mauritius is based at Jackson Road Vacoas and Brighten Education UK 2 Long Close, Farnham Common, Slough, SL2 3EJ

Investing in Human Development is proved to be the best move towards helping people to succeed and sustaining a brighter future.

Brighten Education Centre Ltd (B.E.C) has been set up in order to bring its contribution in the field of Child Development, Health and social care, Health and safety , life savings, technical life saving , First aid at sea, First Aid Emergency for everyone, Leadership and management courses, IT courses and soft skills courses.


We know that education has a hugely positive impact on people’s lives and are passionate about helping you to realise your potential. We are determined to make a difference to our local communities by providing high quality teaching and learning.

Whether you are a school leaver, a potential apprentice or an adult looking to return to work, we can support you with your next steps. You may want to retrain, improve your career prospects,  or simply learn something new. Whatever your ambition, we have a course for you.

If you are interested in earning while you learn, we offer apprenticeships with leading employers in Health and social care across a wide range of industry sectors in UK

Courses in Early childhood level 2 and 3 gives opportunities to work Teaching Assistant, Special Educational Needs Teacher and “ Creche”

Health and Social care gives opportunities in the health and social care sector at all levels, from both full and part-time positions and from assistants to management level in Mauritius and UK

Brighten Education Centre Ltd (B.E.C) has established a quality assurance framework to assure the quality of its operations and  its academic outcomes both in UK and Mauritius Branch

Our Vision

To become a brand by providing high quality teaching and learning

 Our Mission

To provide for, sustain and promote the inherent rights, leading to the welfare and well-being to our local communities


  • Raise awareness on and respond to the needs of children
  • Improve policy and service provision for children across education, health, social and other related services
  • Support the raising of professional standards of practice through capacity building initiatives.

We offer you:

  • A wide range of courses and qualifications for all ages, levels and abilities
  • Excellent teaching, individualised support and highly qualified tutors and specialist staff
  • Professional qualifications to help you progress your career
  •  Excellent guidance for progressing through the levels, into higher education and employment
  • A unique employability skills and work experience programme, designed to help our students stand out
  • Modern learning resources and a range of activities to support your studies
  • Expert support, advice and guidance to ensure you make the right decisions
  • we offer apprenticeships with leading employers in Health and social care across a wide range of industry sectorsin UK